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Top 5 Disastrous Makeup Ideas Women Must Avoid

05 Sep 2015

There is no denying the fact that makeup can transform your looks for the good. However, it has been noticed that women end up making several makeup mistakes on numerous occasions, which obviously transforms them for the bad. Incorrect make up application or usage of products that do not complement your skin tone and complexion can result in a complete makeup disaster and as a woman you naturally don’t want something like that to happen to you. Ideally, when it comes to applying makeup, you must always rely on expert makeup artists and professional beauty salons like Gurgaon based Grace and Glamour. An experienced and reputed makeup specialist at these salons will understand your specific requirements and apply makeup and beauty products based on your skin color, attire and overall appearance. Here, check out the top 5 disastrous makeup ideas that every woman must shun aside.

1. Incorrect Foundation:
Foundation is an important part of makeup application and therefore should never be used to acquire a tanned look. Typically, foundation should be worn to acquire a smooth and well-blended skintone and appearance. In fact, in many cases, it is used for covering up imperfections or scars on your face and neck area. This is precisely why women must use foundation that blends well with their skin tone. Always, test the foundation on your face before purchasing it. This will ensure provide you with a natural look and appearance.

2. Wearing Makeup on Flaky and Dry Skin:
Professional makeup experts at reputed and popular beauty salons such as the Grace and Glamour will never ever apply makeup on flaky, dry and damaged skin. This is because it does not blend easily on your skin and further spoils your entire look.  Before, applying any makeup, they will first get rid of the dryness using exfoliation techniques and also use a good moisturizer to remove flakes and soften your skin. This will help them in providing you with a smooth and even-toned look and enhance your facial features further.

3. Applying Blue Eye Shadow:
While some women look amazing after the application of a blue eye shadow, others look horrific and stupid. Ideally, this color is well-suited for supermodels, young girls and women looking to attend themed parties. Hence, blue colored eye shadow should be avoided, especially if your skin tone and color is dark or dusky.

4. Using Eye Pencil on Eyebrows:
Using an eye pencil on your eyebrows can make you look weird and disgusting. It gives you a very painted and over the top look, which should be completely avoided. Instead, women should pick eye shadow colors that match the color of their hair and apply the same with a stiff, angled and thin brush. It is important that they apply thin strokes in order to acquire a very natural look and feel.

5. Plumping Your Lips:
Never ever think of lining your lips outside the original lip lining, in an effort to plump your lips or make it appear bigger. Wrong application can spoil your appearance and looks. However, if you really want to apply it, make sure that you use a shade that is similar to your lipstick color so that when your lipstick fades, the line does not look prominent.

To summarize, women shouldn’t make these makeup blunders since it can make them look like a clown or fool. It is always better that they approach a professional and experienced makeup professional at leading beauty salons including, Grace and Glamour, as they have sound knowledge and expertise regarding varied makeup products, ideas and applications. Besides, it will also fetch you all the complements and attention at parties and social gatherings.