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Types of Waxing

29 Feb 2016

People, who are really conscious about maintaining hygiene and good looks, opt for waxing as an effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. Apart from waxing, people use other methods like shaving, tweezing or epilating device. But all these methods are either time consuming or not very effective for long. Waxing removes hair and also keeps your skin smooth and soft for a long time. The effect of waxing stays for 3 to 5 weeks, depending upon hair growth. Waxing also helps to remove tanning from skin and thus gives a cleaner and fairer look to your skin. Women in search of services for waxing in Gurgaon can approach a salon in their nearby location and get a smoother skin.

Generally waxing is of two types:
Hard Wax- Wax is applied on the skin using a disposable stick and is allowed to cool and then harden. It is then pulled off quickly from the skin with fingers, removing the hair. A good quality hard wax does not stick to the skin but only to the hair on the skin, making removal easy and quick.

Soft Wax- This wax is applied using a disposable stick and is covered with a waxing strip. Hair gets removed when the strip is pulled off the skin. This process is quick as compared to hard wax when it comes to covering large areas.

Though both processes involve some level of pain but services for waxing in Gurgaon can be taken care of by expert estheticians at Grace & Glamour.