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Unisex Salon in Gurgaon

24 Feb 2015

People have become extremely cautious about the way the look. A visit to the salon has become a routine, where not only women but men, too, take the extra pains of looking their best. The best unisex salon in Gurgaon, Grace and Glamour, is here to cater to all your beauty needs - A one stop for all the basic beauty needs for both men and women.

Specializing in hair treatment and hair care, Grace and Glamour provides the best hair care services. Everyone needs extra care for their crowning glory, and taking professional services in order to maintain the natural sheen and texture of your hair, you need regular maintenance of your hair. A regular routine of Shampooing and conditioning of your hair is a must, and this best hair Salon in Gurgaon is the perfect place to make sure that you are well taken care of.

The hair care services offered by salon include shampoo and conditioning of hair, applying henna, hair styling, hair setting, perming, and haircuts and also colouring of the hair. The staff is well trained keeping in mind the latest trends when it comes to hair. Hair colouring is taken seriously as the trends keep changing and people want to look just like the models from the ramp walk. This is possible at this salon, where style is kept in mind, while creating a new fresh look for its clients.

Hair straightening is also one of the most popular demands of the clients where every girl with long hair wants to sport straight hair giving her a neat look. The staff works hard in providing the customer what he or she wants, and always makes sure that they recreate the style the customers opt for. Daily care is important when you do a lot of styling for your hair, so helpful tips are also given to make sure that you take care of your tresses in the best way you can at home.

The hair experts are constantly training to make sure that they are on track with the trends that are constantly changing in the fashion arena. From different flicks and cuts, to colourful hair –do’s, the hair experts make sure that while providing the clients with their desired look, it is important that they use products that are mild and safe. Since hair colouring is the recent trend, care is taken while applying hair colour that it should not damage hair. Also, the hair experts would make sure that you opt for the L’Oreal hair spa, which provides the necessary hair care needed to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Hair experts also make sure that your looks compliment you and also provide with friendly advice regarding the haircut or hair colour you choose. It is important that the cut and colour should suit your face and your personality. The hair colour used is only L’Oreal Professional so you can be assured that a good product is being used to colour your hair.

Both men and women need all care you can get, and with services provided to your hair by Grace and Glamour, you can be assured of healthy and shiny hair. Grace and Glamour is one of a kind unisex salon where your hair is nourished and looked after by the best experts in Gurgaon, who not only provide with the best hair treatments and suggestions, but also strive hard to provide you with the best and prompt services. So the next time you need some tender loving care for your hair, make sure that you visit the best unisex salon in Gurgaon.