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Wedding: Bridal Makeup On Most Beautiful Day

20 Feb 2015

Who doesn't want to look their best? Every woman wishes to look the most beautiful lady, be it for herself or for someone special. With this desire of beauty, many beauty points or salons have come up with the claim to beautify you but there are only few who actually do that. We are glad to tell you that you don't need to look here and there as you have, Grace and Glamour, the best beauty and makeup parlour in Gurgaon.

This makeup studio is running by Priya kalra, the best makeup artist and beauty expert in Gurgaon. She has an experience of 15 years in the same field and knows to beautify every kind of skin. Every parlour doesn't expertise in beautifying all kind of skins. But Priya kalra and her highly professional team is trained enough that anyone who approaches them turns out to be the most beautiful of her. Grace and Glamour offers you a varied range of beauty services. In short, we are ready to bring out the prettiest of you, no matter what occasion it is.

1.. Bridal Makeup- The salon and its beauty experts are known for their bridal makeup. We understand what a wedding day means to a woman and that is why, we try our best to make her day the most special and unforgettable by making her look the best. Knowing your notion of beauty, we give you the look that would make you fall in love with yourself and trust us; your love won't be able to take his eyes off you.

2.. Pre-Bridal Makeup-
Our experts understand that every woman has a different kind of skin, some of which are not suitable for the direct application of makeup. Thus, we provide you with some pre-bridal makeup that prepares your skin type for final bridal makeup. This pre-bridal makeup differs from skin to skin.

3.. Airbrush Makeup-
This rarely available makeup can be availed at this beauty point. This is another technique of makeup whereby a liquid mist is applied over your face with the help of an airbrush machine. Once that mist dries, the makeup is applied on your face. This is an amazing technique that gives you the perfect glowing complexion. The makeup is favourable for every skin type and any age which means that anyone can enjoy this technique. Though this makeup is for everyone, but it is especially suggested for bridal makeup and HD photo shoots as they are best in hiding your scars or any mark on your face.

4.. Makeup For Engagements and Parties- We are sure, engagement day is as special as your wedding day and you would not want to miss out on anything when it comes to your beauty, isn't it? Our experts take care of that and prepare you the best as per the occasion.

Be it your engagement or a party at your friend's place, our experts will bring the prettiest out of you so that your friends can't resist complementing you and we know, how special a complement can make you feel. Doesn't the whole event become very special once you are showered with complements?

Ladies! Are you ready to look your best and make others fall in love with your beauty? Let it be any occasion, best of you is assured at our makeup salon along with the best of quality and affordability. What are you waiting for? Give us a call or make a direct visit. Grace and Glamour, the best beauty parlour in Gurgaon, is waiting to make others envious of you and your beauty.