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What are the 3 Secrets to Healthy and Dewy Skin in summers?

18 May 2017

Be it red carpets or runways: fresh, radiant and that just out of the gym dewy look is something that has been in trend for a long period time. You find it almost everywhere, but achieving that flawless look in summers can turn out to be troublesome task, not to mention the heat and humid weather which further amplifies the problem.

To overcome the miseries of this weather, there are 3 secrets that can turn out to be absolute lifesaver. These are:

  1. Hydration: Luminosity of the skin lies in how hydrated it is. For a basic dewy skincare routine you have to make proper hydration practices part of the regime which includes using the right moisturizer meant for your skin type, drinking ample amount of water and keeping the skin free from pollutants or dust with the help of mild cleanser.
  2. The CTM Routine: Cleaning, Toning & Moisturizing (CTM) is the next secret for that fabulous skin. You have to follow this routine twice a day: once in the morning after waking up and next before going to bed. This ensures that the receives the nutrients that it needs and stays at its best condition, providing a uniform glow.
  3. Professional Salon Services: The beauty salon in Gurgaon gives a perfect dewy boost to the skin with the help of products that contain illuminating particles. This can either be in the form of primer, foundation, or illuminators that highlight your facial features elegantly.