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What Causes Dry Hair And The Solutions By Priya Kalra?

16 May 2015

Managing dry hair can be an extremely daunting task, especially when you have little to no knowledge regarding the methods and techniques of handling hair. Dry hair not only makes your hair appear dull but consistent dryness can affect the overall quality and glaze of your hair, leaving it looking dirty and frizzy further. So, the next time when you look into the mirror and find your hair to be dull and dry then follow some of the simple tips and suggestions listed below by Priya Kalra, makeup artist in Gurgaon.

Causes of Dry Hair
While weather and overexposure to the harsh rays of the sun are some of the definite reasons why people suffer from dry hair problems, there are many other causes of dry and dull hair too. For instance, people who opt for straightening, bleaching, perming and hair coloring treatments also have to deal with dry hair. In fact, the dry hair condition is aggravated further when people use hair irons and blow dryers to style their hair. Also, some people have naturally dry hair and with time and age, their hair becomes all the more dry, frizzy and unmanageable.

Solutions for Dry Hair
When it comes to dealing with dry, dull and damaged hair, make no mistake in choosing a hair care salon where you can find the perfect solution for your frizzy and lusterless hair. You can always step into reputed and expert hair salons such as Grace and Glamour and acquire the requisite hair care treatment to better tackle your dry and pale hair. Below are some of the handy dry hair managing tips by Priya Kalra.

1. Shampoo and Conditioning: It is important to shampoo your dry hair to keep both your hair and scalp healthy. However, avoid using a conditioning based shampoo. Ideally, you should use separate shampoo and conditioners for managing your dry hair.

2. Regular Deep-Conditioning: Make sure you deep condition your hair on a frequent 
basis in order to restore the lost shine and glaze of your hair and also to ensure that it doesn’t get dry too easily. Modern day conditioners consist of proteins, synthetic ingredients and polymers, which are necessary for keeping your hair healthy, soft, smooth and shining. Typically, you should gently apply the conditioner all over your hair using the tips of your fingers and leave it for a while so that it gets fully absorbed by your hair in a couple of minutes.

3. Bid Goodbye to Chemicals: It is better to stay away from harsh chemicals, dyes and hair color as they can cause severe damage to your hair as well as scalp. Also, avoid perming whenever possible as it aggravates the dry hair problem further. You can always visit the best unisex salon, like Grace and Glamour, in your area and get your hair colored using safe and ammonia-free hair color products.

4. Squeeze Your Hair When Wet: Instead of using blow dryers and hair dryers, you should either pat dry or squeeze your hair gently to get rid of excess water. Also, never use a towel aggressively for drying your hair as it can make your hair cells all the more harsh and rough. In a nutshell, never handle your hair roughly as it will end up spoiling and damaging your hair further.

5. Use Hair Sunscreen: During summers and hot weather conditions, you must keep your hair safeguarded from the harmful rays and effects of the sun. This is because sun can lead to excessive drying of hair. It is always better to apply sunscreens that are specially designed for your hair, every time you have to go out in the sun.
To conclude, follow the above mentioned tips and suggestions regularly and you will find your hair thanking you in its own unique way!