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Why is Makeup Important in a Woman’s Life?

20 Jul 2017

People generally put forward two reasons as to why women wear makeup. The first is that they look “beautiful and professional”, and the second stupid reason is that they’re trying hard to do so. Well, makeup salon in Gurgaon doesn’t prescribe to either of these two and with good reason.

  • They do it for themselves: Well, don’t get me wrong on this one, I do agree that sometimes they do it to impress guys, and even their fellow girlfriends, but on most days they do it for themselves, so that they get a boost in confidence when they stand before the mirror. They can perceive what people on the streets will be looking at, and that’s not a bad reason at all.
  • It’s pretty and sexy: I honestly believe that makeup is an art that one develops with care and practice. Some women can do it by themselves, while most of the others put their trust in salons of repute. Women get sensitive about their looks as they age, and their makeup regimen also changes over time. There are literally no limits to the variety in makeup that you can dabble in. Add to it the sexiness that it generates and you have a bombshell on your hands.
  • It can correct a lot of things: There are a lot of things about a woman’s features that she can correct with the right makeup technique. For example, a puffy eyelid, bags under the eyes, cheekbone profiling, jawline definition and the list goes on. Honestly speaking I don’t think we have yet discovered the true potential of makeup.
  • A way to express yourself: You can be whatever you want; shy, demure, outspoken, brazen, sexy, dramatic… the list is endless with makeup.
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