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Why Makeup Should Be Cleaned Before Going To Bed?

15 Oct 2015

Among all the essential routine of a skin treatment, it is mandatory to remove your entire make up before going to bed. In fact it is rather necessary so that you do not end up with any extra lining. To retain the maxim glow in your skin it would be rather better your let your skin be naked. It will ease up all the muscles and pores of your face.

Some of the valued reasons why you should remove your make up:
1. Your make up can give birth to bacteria while you are sleep. In fact it gets stick to your pillow and can cause problems like lining, acne and dark circles.
2. During sleep your skin grows and if it is covered up then it is not easy for a growth.
3. Removing the entire make up will let your skin wrinkle free and fresh.
4. Early in morning you would be looking all messed up and dull rather than perfect and fresh.
5. The collagen level of your face drops.
6. You can be prone to acne which is not only bad for you face it can lead to premature aging.

Grace and Glamour best makeup salon in Gurgaon recommends you to clean it, tone it and moisturize your face before sleeping. This will help you to energize your face and stay refresh every time you wake up.

            Overall it will also help you to sleep well and live a refreshing life ahead!